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RichText Editor paste option Issue in Chrome Browser | AEM 6.5 with Service Pack 6.5.10


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While configuring Paste behaviour as 'Paste Text using the browser's default paste implementation ("defaultPasteMode" : "browser")' in RichText Editor. It retains the Pasted styles copied from web in Mozilla Firefox but removes styles in Chrome browser. Please let me know if somebody observed this behaviour and have found any fix.


Note: Observing this issue after upgrading Service Pack 6.5.10.

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Hi @Bhuwan_B, I've checked this on vanilla AEM 6.5.10 and on both browsers Chrome (version 98.0.4758.80) and Firefox (version 96.0.3) it looks it works the same on both my browsers - styling of pasted text remain. So I do not see the issue you have described.

Nevertheless according to Adobe documentation [1] using browser mode as a default one is not recommended.

Maybe you have some specific configuration in your Chrome or plugin that affects the result of paste operation.

If I good understand how browser mode works - I would say it is a bit risky in terms of result - because each user can have different browser version, configuration or set of plugins - so you are not able to predict how it will behave.

[1] - https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/experience-manager-65/administering/operations/configure-ric...


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@lukasz-m Thanks for your Response, I am using same version of Chrome and Firefox as mentioned by you. To replicate issue, add edit plugin with defaultPasteMode as browser in RichText and then copy some Text with fancy fonts from Microsoft Word file and paste it in Richtext editor. you will notice difference between Fireox and Chrome browser while using AEM instance with SP but if you try same in AEM instance with SP, behaviour remains consistent and it works fine in both the browsers.


Note: I agree to your point of this being not a recommended method but till we implement a new approach, we thought of figuring out a solution to fix this issue.