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Resource only Dispatcher flush with ACS Commons Flush rules not working in 6.5.10


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Hi all,

I am using Resource-only Dispatcher flush with ACS commons Dispatcher flush rules in AEM6.5 with SP10 and ACS commons 4.3.2. while I am trying to activate the page, I am getting below error message.

Ignore applying dispatcher flush rules for [ /services/api/branch.json ], as it originated from this Service.

Below are my Replication agent and Config info

OSGI config:



Replication Agent:





Not able to understand what the error message saying. Anyone can please help me here

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Hi ,

Can you please check the rules once if the /services are allowed in dispatcher .

Is it accessible via dispatcher?




Level 3

yes /services are allowed in dispatcher.

I am getting error before hitting the dispatcher.

getting error in com.adobe.acs.commons.replication.dispatcher.impl.DispatcherFlushRulesImpl.java file


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@shabarish can you help with more details like where did you configured this agent? And do you have more than one flush agent active? Are you also using ACS commons Flush UI in author?