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request getattribute in Sightly set from slingmodel


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I am trying to get attribute value set in Slingmodel class. Below code is used to set value of attribute "mycustomparam" in sling model. 


request.setAttribute("mycustomparam", "value");

But unable to get this value in HTL

I have tried 

${request.attribute @ mycustomparam}

 In other model2.java, i am able to get this value using request.getAttribute('mycustomparam');

Is there any way to get value in sightly instead of model?


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Seems there isn't a way to directly access the request attributes in sightly and requires JS Use API. Here's a super short sample code to do just that: https://gist.github.com/gabrielwalt/a6a022ee65b3839d08bb4deb59211e57



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@Nikhil_Verma yup there is no way to access request getattribute directly in sightly. We can use either js or separate model to get setted value.


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why don't you write a get method to export attribute value in Sling Model to get the value in HTL?





private mycustomparam;
request.setAttribute("mycustomparam", value);
mycustomparam = value;

public String getMycustomparam(){
return mycustomparam;


Arun Patidar


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@arunpatidar Use case is different. I need to set value in request parameterin model1.java andneed this value in different model model2, which si working fine in my implemenation.