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Repository Modernizer by Adobe Docs


Repository Modernizer is a utility developed to restructure existing project packages by separating content and code into discrete packages to be compatible with the project structure defined for Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service.

Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service brings many new features and possibilities into your AEM projects. However, there are some changes required to Adobe Experience Manager Maven projects to be compatible with AEM Cloud Service. At a high-level, AEM requires a separation of content and code into discrete sub-packages to respect the split between mutable and immutable content. Please refer to AEM Project Structure for more details about the new AEM project structure for Cloud Service.

The Repository Modernizer creates a compatible AEM Cloud Service project structure by creating the following deployment structure:

ui.apps package deploys to /apps and contains all the code

ui.content package deploys to runtime-writable areas (e.g. /content, /conf, /home, or anything not /apps) and contains all the content and configuration.

all package is a container package that contains the sub-packages ui.apps and ui.content.

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Repository Modernizer


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