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Repeat Translation Daily is not working


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Hi All


I am trying to setup "Repeat Translation" daily on a given page->subpages structure. For instance, in French language master I have parent->child pages residing. Translated pages are creating under language copy fr_fr. I am trying to setup repeat translation in the project with daily schedule. My understadning is, during the day certain pages will get some modified content and live copy in en folder will be updated. At some point of time, all the changed pages under en folder should sent for retranslation. 

It is not happening automatically. Any help would be appreciated. 




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I forgot to mention, environment is 6.5, human translation, Smartling. 



For those who are interested, here are my observations:

  1. first of all time entered at the bottom is taken as GMT for us. We are in cloud config. 
  2. Changes are not picked up at 00 hours GMT immediately. 
  3. I changed time to next 5 minutes in GMT. However, they are not picked up. It might be something to do with "Translation Platform Configuration" OSGI. 
  4. I played with cron expressions, changing them to 10 mintes apart each, no luck.
  5. Will see if new changes will be picked up tomorrow after 00 hours GMT. Fingers crossed. 


Screen Shot 2022-03-28 at 17.49.07.pngScreen Shot 2022-03-28 at 17.52.52.png