render infinity.json with child nodes



Hi All,

I have a aem node structure in which certain fields are the path fields(pages are linked) referring to aem node structure of the different pages

when i retrieve the content in json format .infinity.json it pulls the content as such rather than the retrieving the content of the child pages linked

( In simple primary and foreign key relationship of the pages)

is it possible to indicate it to aem servlet so it pulls the structure of the child pages as well when requested in specific format?

Node Structure page 1

--- a

--- b

--- c -- > c1,c2

--- d

here c1,c2 are the pages linked in the page 1 by pathfield

now when i retrieve the content by .infinity.json i could see c1,c2 are getting printed as such but what i want is the system to pull all the nodes in the pages in c1,c2