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Renaming Multiple Assets in DAM


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I am trying to migrate some content (.ditamap and .xml files) to AEM and have a huge number of files with arbitrary names. The requirement is-
1. To create an AEM Site/PDF/HTML5 type out of these files- Here I am able to convert most of the .ditamap files, except a couple of them. The error says that some of the .xml files that are used in the .ditamap file are not present in that location. Whereas on searching, it's pretty much there and existing.

2. To rename bulk assets- Since I have a huge number of files to be converted and all are with random ID names, I am required to rename all these files with a meaningful one that would show in the URL as well. Now, I know to rename these files while selecting the Move option. But, this is not working with multiple assets.
It is a huge manual effort to rename some 2000+ assets.
So, is there a way to achieve the above? I've tried using cURL commands, but rename option isn't found anywhere within AEM-cURL. Is there another way to automate the renaming of bulk number of assets?


Sonakshi S.

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