Regarding Package Uninstallation in CRXDe



Hi Team,

We have 5 versions of a project present within the package manager. Currently, we wanted to uninstall the project from AEM 6.1 server.

Even after uninstalling the 5 versions, project folders and the bundle still remains within the crx.

To resolve this issue, we even restarted the Author and Publish environment but the issue persists.

Also, we tried installing a new version of the project but the bundle jar file within install folder has the old creation date (Changes to the new version are not getting reflected)

Please let me know any resolution for the same.

with regards,

Richa Chaubey




Community Manager


Uninstalling and deleting of packages are 2 options. When your say you can see bundle in CRX do you also see them in localhost:4502/system/console/configMgr/ ? Try deleting post uninstalling.