Question on Launcher for Modified Event



Hi All,

I have a launcher set the path to /content/dam/xyz for the events created and modified. Launcher is getting triggered correctly for the newly uploaded assets. And, when there is any modification done on any of the existing assets or on the assets metadata launcher is getting which is also fine. But whenever any asset is published, this action is considered as modified event and launcher is triggering the workflow. Because of this, the last modified time is after the last published time.This is marking assets as outdated. So we have decided to disable the launcher to tackle outdated assets issue.

But there is a scenario where when we try to replace an existing asset, since we don’t have the launcher for the modified event, Updated asset is not showing up on the DAM,(if I download the asset I was able to see the updated one). If I add the path /content/dam/xyz for the modified event, again the assets will be marked as outdated.

Thanks in advance.

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