Query on Custom Login Module



I have created a custom authentication flow to authenticate using an external provider. As per my understanding, here is the flow of execution.

  1. CustomAuthenticationHandler (extending DefaultAuthenticationFeedbackHandler & implementing AuthenticationHandler, AuthenticationFeedbackHandler): this extracts the credentials and calls the appropriate login module using JAAS configuration.
  2. CustomLoginModule (extending AbstractLoginModule). This calls the identity provider, assigns additional groups optionally.
  3. CustomIdentityProvider (implementing ExternalIdentityProvider): This is where authentication should happen by calling the auth API of my external provider.

The authentication is working fine, I mean

1 > 2 > 3 is working fine and I am able to call API and authenticate the user.

I am getting user information from API in (3) and I am passing it to (2) thru CustomUser (extending ExtenalUser).

My problem is I am unable to pass the user info from (2) to (1). I need this information in further processing of request, to display on UI.

How can I pass this data from (2) to (1) ?

What I have tried so far?

I have created a AuthInfo object and call setInfoInfo object of LoginModule class. It is not working.

I have referred Adobe Experience Manager Help | Creating an Adobe Experience Manager Custom Oak Login Module but couldn't find a solution.

Please help.