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Publish to Brand Portal failing with Access Denied in Replication Agent


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The replication agent for the Brand portal cannot publish or unpublish the images from AEM to the brand portal.

On click of test connection, it is showing an "OK" message, whereas while doing the actual publish it fails with "400 Bad requests" response from the Brand portal.

I can see this message at the end of the replication log - 

error: com.day.cg.replication. ReplicationException: Repository error during node import: Access denied.

 also sometimes this error 

Using OAuth 2.0 Authorization Grants 

Reference to access token provider is using deprecated accessToken Provider Pid, use accessToken ProviderName instead. Value is com.adobe.granite.auth.oauth.accesstoken.provider. 129b2d9b-53c8

Sending POST request to https://xyz.brand-portal.adobe.com/bin/receive?sling: authRequestLogin=1

OAuth 2.0 User: brandportal-imsconfig-service

OAuth 2.0 User: brandportal-imsconfig-service sent.

Response: 400 Bad Request 

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Hi Ashish,

Welcome to AEM Community !!
Please share more information about this Brand Portal replication issue : 
1) Exact version of AEM Author?

2) Is Brand Portal configured with IMS Authentication or are you using Legacy Cloud Services?

3) Were you able to publish to AEM Brand in past?

4) What happens, when you do a "Test Connection", on that Brand Portal replication agent?

Access denied can happen due to multiple reasons (user permissions or specific asset issue)



Vikram Gaur