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Public Key Certificate(s) are expiring soon


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Hi Everyone,

I had received a message from Adobe as - 

[Action Required] 1 of your Public Key Certificate(s) is expiring soon

To ensure that Adobe integrations and applications using these certificates continue to work, you MUST complete the following actions before the specified expiry date(s) --

  1. Add new certificate keypairs to the affected Projects on the Adobe Developer Console.
  2. Update the affected integration or application to start using the new certificate keypair.

Solution: I have created new keypairs already and it's all OK - following Adobe's recommended ways!


After the addition of new keypairs, I am still receiving the same reminders. Need to know if these are just the reminders(I will receive them till the last day of expiry) OR if Any other stuff needs to be done.


Thanks for your input in advance!

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Since, I had a key which is about to expire - Adobe doesn't know if I am using the keypair for any integration or not. Hence, I was receiving the reminder mails even after creating a new keypair and using it in my integrations.


If I would have deleted the old keypair, I wouldn't have received the reminders!


Adding a reply as it might be a suspicion for anyone else and this might help them!


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