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programmatic way of accessing AEM modules(useradmin,miscadmin,packmgr,welcome page,crx/de ,siteadmin,damadmin etcc)


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Hi AEM Gurus,

I have a requirement where we need to perform some post activity steps, which needs to validate before going to handover dev team.

Can someone guide me/propose the solution for programmatic way of accessing the aem modules( curl,system proerties etc..) with single solution? my intention is to check whether those modules loading or not?


ex: http://localhost:4502/crx/de,http://localhost:4502/crx/packmgr,http://localhost:4502/useradmin, http://localhost:4502/siteadmin,http://localhost:4502/miscadmin etc..



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Everything in AEM are nodes. You can use the JCR API to get at those nodes and check props and values, etc. 


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Hi @zonroc, Thanks for the update, it looks like JCR API more into development understanding but currently i am looking for solution for admin support person.