Problem in pathfield in AEM 6.5



I'm experiencing a problem in pathfield in AEM 6.5


I'm authoring an external link( in the pathfield and an auto-suggestion is coming up. When I moved to the previous field the cursor automatically jumps to pathfield again. This is causing a bit of inconsistency for the authors where most of the pathfields are authored with external link. Is there any way to control the auto suggestion in pathfield.(Refer screenshot 1a) - pathfield behavior 

Shall I modify the resourceType to pathbrowser instead which doesn't have any auto-suggestion just like pathfield and there is no case of cursor jumping out problem. I want a concrete point to recommend pathbrowser over pathfield to the customer. Please suggest any way.
(Refer screenshot 1b) - pathbrowser behavior

Screenshot 1a:



Screenshot 1b



Thanks !

AEM 6.5 pathbrowser against pathfield for external links pathfield problem

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @samsundar23,

Pathfield supports suggestions as we type and is intended per the original functionality. It also supports multiple selections. 

Detailed inputs on the purpose is mentioned in -

Pathbrowser might suit this particular use case of not bringing up suggestion. But it is deprecated and it is recommended to use Pathfield - This is per AEM 6.5.0


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Answers (1)



Thanks @Vijayalakshmi_S 


To turn off suggestion, below highlighted in green - <coral-overlay> within <foundation-autocomplete> is responsible for the rendering of suggestion. 

You can create a new resource similar to OOB pathfield and comment this line -> Use the newly created resource to dialog field for authoring External Link.