Problem in MSM rollout to country site



HI All,

I am facing an issue on one of the qa envs.

All of a sudden page rollouts from blueprint (framework/en) to live copy (usa/en) are not happening properly.

The rollout completes successfully , the page timestamp is modified but the actual node content is not reflected on target live copy.

After going through msm logs I see that for content nodes rollout was not attempted because "a precondition was not met".

Any thoughts ?

Here I am pasting a lines from log :

com.day.cq.wcm.msm.impl.RolloutManagerImpl Deep roll-out for resource /content/myCompany/framework/de/admin/global-seo-labels [m [K/jcr:content/label-canonical-title-prefix-fragment

[01;31m [K03.07.2018 11:12:03.369 *DEBUG* [Thread-1321] com.day.cq.wcm.msm.commons.BaseAction GhostCleanUpHandler did not act on request to roll-out /content/myCompany/framework/de/admin/global-seo-labels/jcr:content/label-canonical-title-suffix-fragment to /content/myCompany/deu/de/admin/global-seo-labels [m [K/jcr:content/label-canonical-title-suffix-fragment: precondition was not met

[01;31m [K03.07.2018 11:12:03.369 *DEBUG* [Thread-1321] com.day.cq.wcm.msm.impl.RolloutManagerImpl Apply RolloutConfig /etc/msm/rolloutconfigs/activate from /content/myCompany/framework/de/admin/global-seo-labels/jcr:content/label-canonical-title-suffix-fragment to /content/myCompany/deu/de/admin/global-seo-labels [m [K/jcr:content/label-canonical-title-suffix-fragment

[01;31m [K03.07.2018 11:12:03.369 *DEBUG* [Thread-1321] com.day.cq.wcm.msm.impl.RolloutContextImpl Roll-out on /content/myCompany/deu/de/admin/global-seo-labels [m [K/jcr:content/label-canonical-title-suffix-fragment with ROLLOUT

[01;31m [K03.07.2018 11:12:03.369 *DEBUG* [Thread-1321] com.day.cq.wcm.msm.commons.BaseAction TargetActivateAction did not act on request to roll-out /content/myCompany/framework/de/admin/global-seo-labels/jcr:content/label-canonical-title-suffix-fragment to /content/myCompany/deu/de/admin/global-seo-labels [m [K/jcr:content/label-canonical-title-suffix-fragment: precondition was not met

[01;31m [K03.07.2018 11:12:03.370 *DEBUG* [Thread-1321] com.day.cq.wcm.msm.impl.RolloutManagerImpl Deep roll-out for resource /content/myCompany/framework/de/admin/global-seo-labels [m [K/jcr:content/label-canonical-title-suffix-fragment






You can check BaseAction ("The Adobe AEM Quickstart and Web Application.") .

Base action class uses a handles() function to check the following parameters:-

     * @param source The Resource to roll-out.

     * @param target The Resource to receive the modification.

     * @param relation LiveRelationship between the two given Resources

     * @param resetRollout True if the rollout is run in reset mode

It returns a boolean flag indicating if this action should go ahead with the execution. if false no action will be performed.

So, one of these parameters are not in the expected format/null




This is the exact reason why we run the Ask the AEM COmmunity Experts program. For a full view of all sessions (for future reference) - see :

AEM Ask the AEM Community Expert

I am glad it was solved.