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Pass metadata to OOTB Thumbnail process step


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Use case: While configuring the renditions, we don't want to configure height for few renditions(below mentioned varH for height), in that case it has to take the original height of the image while generating thumbnail. Unfortunately, OOTB Thumbnail process step code is reading these configs as Integers and there is no fallback values it is accepting.


This is regarding the setting/passing the metadata to the OOTB Thumbnail Process step, I know there is a way to communicate data among custom process steps, but how to pass the dynamic metadata to OOTB Thumbnail Process step.

From the below snippet, the MetaDataMap object is immutable though is has a put method.

public void execute(final WorkItem workItem, WorkflowSession workflowSession, MetaDataMap args)

    throws WorkflowException



Any hack/trick to pass the data in this use case will be greatly appreciated.

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For this use case - you may need to build custom steps for a process.

Thanks for the reply smacdonald2008.

But I was using the Camera raw package to generate the thumbnail images for TIFF files, so implementing a process step to generate TIFF thumbnails is like reengineering, which I want to avoid.

I am surprised, how can com.day.cq.workflow.metadata.MetaDataMap does not allow to set the data, this seems an API bug.