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We have implemented the Show/Hide of the page properties using cq-dialog-dropdown-showhide-target AEM 6.4. Show/hide things are working absolutely fine. When required:true is enabled for multiple fields  it is not allowing to submit unless we fill in required fields of the hidden fields.

Assume we have drop with below values. We have different fields for the selection in the dropdown in which few of them are mandatory. When we select xyz and try to submit. It is not submitted and shows required error in abc. I know it works as expected for component dialog. But seems it is not working for page properties. Do we have any other option to achieve it?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




you can write your own logic and do validation based on displayed field. you can remove property validation(Boolean)=true.

and on dialog submit you can apply validation using javascript.

You can add class property e.g. granite:class(String)=someClass for selector for all the required filed and when you submit the form.

your selector would be like

$(".someClass").not(".hide").each( function(){


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Answers (3)



@prajwalreddi ,

I am facing some issue in implementing the show hide at page props level. can you share the xml and js here?

I can see its working if i keep the xml at component level.

For page props first time on page load logic works fine, But on save and submit its doesn't keep the values back. I am checking with existing the dialog from list component.

 i was just checking with this 




Implementing it using Jquery is fine. But wanted to understand if the behavior what we are seeing is expected or do we have any solution without any custom implementation.