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Page properties inheritance


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Suppose i have one product page in which i created one page properties ex: Country Code, i set that value to "US".

So how can we achieve inheritance so child pages under product page having same value of Country Code i.e "US"

As i am not able to achieve inheritance of page properties to its child pages.

Thanks in Advance for Support

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You can look at writing a JCR event handler. When child page is created, the event handler can fire and add a prop to meet your requirement.


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You can do it using sling model or WCMUsePojo.

1. check current page properties, if present use it otherwise look for parent page.

2. in parent page look for same property if present use it otherwise look for its parent page.

3. repeat step 2 until you found either the property or root page of site/sub-site.

Hope this help.

Arun Patidar


Level 6

Hi Arun,


Can u share code how to get the inherited property for page.


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Won't  "inheritedPageProperties" or "HierarchyNodeInheritanceValueMap" work for this?



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