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Page having sling:resourceType to custom tool under /apps/project-name/tool/custom-tool which is having sling:resourceType : granite/ui/components/shell/page is not getting rendered.


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I have created custom-tool. That tool is having 'href' property pointing to /conf/project-name/custom-tool/custom-tool. It has sling:resourceType =>  /apps/project-name/components/tools/custom-tool(sling:resourceType : granite/ui/components/shell/page). But content node is not getting rendered.




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Hi @sangrampatil111 ,


Your question is not clear, by custom tool I am assuming you meant custom AEM component.


AEM component consists of HTML file, dialog, properties, etc. I see in description you mentioned 'conf' path, is it correct? Because conf is where we put configuration and why you want to put this as href (a link)?


Need to understand your full requirements, then only I will be able to give more inputs-


Also, check how sling resource resolution happens-





Ritesh Mittal


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Hello Ritesh,


Custom tool means tools provided for author or site-admin to perform different task.(for example, sites=>Tools=>ACS AEM Commons=> Report).


I have created one custom tool to perform  particular task similar to above mentioned path. 


Here Content node has actual html elements like pathbrowser, btn, checkbox. 


When I opened this node directly or through href, it is getting rendered properly as below


But it is not getting rendered properly when used as resourceType.