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Package errors on install Crx/de - no logs - AEM 6.3


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When attempting to upload and install a file created via ./mvnw clean install I'm running into the error below:

Install Package: /etc/packages/apple-cms/cms-content-v1.zip

Mon Mar 19 2018 15:53:13 GMT-0400 (EDT)

Installing content

Collecting import information...

Installing node types...

Installing privileges...

Importing content...

- /


saving approx 1 nodes...

Package imported (with errors, check logs!)

Content is missing from the crx/de tree under /etc/map/publish/http - so I wish to check the logs.

Attempting to tail all of the logs under ../author/crx-quickstart/logs but not getting any output at all - same for both publish and authoring instance.

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Can you please try re-installing the package manually and check the Log again?

Also, use -Dvault.verbose=true to get the verbose logs at maven level.




Before you install the package, Try the new 'test install' option in the package manager.  From what I see '-' no change to the repository occurs so either the filters are incorrect or the package definition.

If you can replicate it consistently, maybe attach the package for review.


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Since there are no errors in the logs, Please double check that '/etc/map/publish..' is added in filter.xml.


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I use below command when I wish to see the errors that occurred during package upload on windows machine:

mvn clean install > Path to the file where the output should be sent.

Eg: mvn clean install > C:\Users\ABC\Documents\AEM\buildlogger.log

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