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Out of box workflow for content approval and rejection - Publish Example


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We are using the OOTB workflow - Publish Example. It is working correctly for the flow where approver can validate the content and then complete the workflow (and activate the page). But if approver wants to reject the content, we are not able to figure out how that will happen. The Step Back opens with blank dropdown. Is there some configuration missing?

Is this requirement of "Approver group being able to validate or reject content" available in the OOTB Publish example workflow or do we need to customize using "OR split"? Any other OOTB workflow which can help?



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Level 2

Anil, have you gotten any reply on your questions?  we also found that the OOTB content approval workflow is so difficult use and spent lots of time to customize it. To us the requirement is very simple: for each step we can specify who/which group can review and approve or reject the content; and the notification can be done through email notification; the workflow step message can be specified clearly what's the content and what reviewer needs to do. Unfortunately, AEM doesn't provide this kind standard CMS workflow and lots of guessing around.

Please share your experience. Thanks.


Level 5

I am having the same issue....What I want is for the author to publish, and then the content approver to get a message in the box and they can either approve or reject the changes....but what happens is the start the workflow and then nothing happens. I see that it is in workflow, but I can't really cancel....what am I doing wrong: