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OSGI R6 Configuration @AttributeDefinition Essentials Reference Guide | AEM Community Blog Seeding




OSGI R6 Configuration @AttributeDefinition Essentials Reference Guide by SourcedCode Blog


When defining any OSGI component’s configuration its standard practice to use Declarative Services; these configurations can be edited in the OSGI Apache Felix Console. This can be done by creating a class interface with the annotated @ObjectClassDefinition, which includes a determined list of rules as @AttributeDefinition items.

The @AttributeDefinition defines the supporting configuration for a given OSGI component’s configuration. It allows you to set data types and default values for each given configuration. When an admin user interacts with the Felix console, how the @AttributeDefinition is defined will determine the look and feel of each of the input fields are presented.

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OSGI R6 Configuration @AttributeDefinition Essentials Reference Guide


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