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op_colorize multiple layers at the same time


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Creating template file using Dynamic Media classic, I have multiple layer objects of which I would like to applying the same 'op_colorize' command. Instead of calling each layer individually (i.e. &layer=1&op_colorize=000000$layer=2&op_colorize=000000$layer=3&op_colorize=000000, etc...), I created a global parameter of 'GRF' so that I could call them all at once (&GRF=MyImage&op_colorize=000000).

However applying the op_colorize command to this parameter does not appear to function as intended (because its being applied to a parameter instead of a layer maybe??). Is there anyway to make this work so that I only need to call the colorize command once but affect all of these layers, or is breaking them out into their individual layers the only way?

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Hi John,

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Could you please share an example of this "op_colorize" parameter not applying to a specific layer on a DM Classic image URL?


Vikram Gaur


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In this example you can see there is a small graphic between each "custom" text. I want to colorize all of them at the same time:



It works fine if I call out each layer individually, but that adds a lot of text to the URL:



I made the global parameter GRF and applied the colorize command to it so that I could change them all at once, but it colors the entire image instead of just the graphics like the previous example: