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One offer/design for one recommended product


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Hi team,


We're exploring the recommendation activity, but I found that I can only return multiple recommended products in one design/offer. Is there any way for me to return one design/offer for each of the recommended products?


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Thanks, but I don't understand how this is related to my question. I am asking about the way the recommended items are displayed. I am now using the target delivery API and if I want to retrieve 2 recommended items, the response will look like the following:


    "status": 200,
    "requestId": "...",
    "client": "...",
    "id": {
        "tntId": "...",
        "marketingCloudVisitorId": "..."
    "edgeHost": "...",
    "telemetryServerToken": "...",
    "execute": {
        "mboxes": [
                "index": 1,
                "name": "...",
                "options": [
                        "content": "    \n\n    {   \n      \"notes\":{   \n      \"purpose\": \"Return a simple list of recommended entity ids\",   \n      \"use-case\": \"Use this approach if you prefer to do a real-time lookup of entity attribute details (such as inventory, price, rating) from another system (such as a CMS, PIM or ecommerce platform)\",   \n      \"version\": \"01\" ,\n      \"criteria\": \"Similar content for test purpose\"\n      },   \n      \"recommendedItems\": {   \n  \"slot-01\": \"item1\",\n\"category-01\": \"[c1]\",\n\"msg-01\":\"message 1\",\n\"slot-02\": \"item2\",\n\"category-02\": \"[c2]\",\n\"msg-02\":\"message 2\"\n\n      }   \n    }  ",
                        "type": "html",
                        "responseTokens": {
                            "offer.name": "...",
                            "experience.id": "1",
                            "activity.name": "...",
                            "profile.batchDt": "...",
                            "activity.id": "...",
                            "activity.decisioningMethod": "server-side",
                            "experience.name": "...",
                            "offer.id": "..."
                        "sourceType": "target"

 The array of "options" has only one object, meaning only one offer is returned. I will have to include the 2 items inside this offer/design. My question is whether there's any way for me to return the 2 items in two offers/designs, one offer for each item. Therefore in the above case, there will be two objects in the array of "options".