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Not able to verify Personalization using contexthub setup - AEM 6.4


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Steps Performed - ( AEM  6.4 )

1) Navigated to Audience Page  and created a Context hub segment ( but i only see option with Default & We.Retail), so used We.Retail and created contexthub segment.

2) Setup a custom segment here for male/female profile

3) Created a brand/activity and followed normal steps to complete it.

But when I apply this to my site and verify personalization in preview mode, it don't work whereas same activity works fine with We.Retail.

is it because ContextHub segment is created with in scope of we-retail ?

What are the steps to get ContextHub Segment created for my site? Do I need to configure in conf, please suggest way for this.

appreciate your help, many thanks!

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You need to create new configuration and apply the configuration on your project.

1. Go to AEM > Tools > Configuration Browser

2. Create  > Select ContextHub Segments


This will fix your first issue - In Audience section , you should be able to see your own project name as well.

To fix the second issue , Go to properties of your project

Properties > Advance Tab >  Configuration > Cloud Configuration > Add your configuration folder path



Level 2

Thanks Abhishek, It helped.

Also I needed to map the contexthub configurations too @ Site > Properties >Personalization