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New action in Page Info menu


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I was looking to add a new item in the page info menu to trigger a workflow.  Currently we have two workflows, one which is the same as Publish Page, so I'm looking to eliminate the extra clicks and have the requested events handled from the page info window.  The workflow I want to update currently is set to publish to one of our review agents instead of our production replication agents.

I've found where to add the additional menu item to show up in the list but it was a copy of the Publish Page item.  Is it even possible to update that menu item to trigger a workflow without having to go into the workflow drop down?

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You can add the extra option to the Page Info Popover at [1]. And refer [2] to create/trigger the workflow using the API from code, without the need of workflow selector. I hope this helps.

[1] /libs/wcm/core/content/editor/jcr:content/content/items/content/header/items/headerbar/items/pageinfopopover/items/list/items

[2] Adobe Experience Manager Help | Invoking Adobe Experience Manager Workflows using the AEM Java API


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Thanks for the reply.  I was already able to accomplish item #1 on your list but I'm looking to attach a workflow I've already created to that item.

What I'm looking to accomplish is duplicating the "Publish Page" functionality in the Page Info window but replicate to an approval environment we have set up.  Currently, we click on "Start Workflow" and then find the item within the drop down list.  I'm trying to bring that "Publish for Approval" item out of the workflow list and into the Page Info window.