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Need your help with a big problem with dynamic tables


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Good day everyone,


I've created a PDF that uses the add instance manager when a button is pressed. All of it works great. but my client threw me a curve ball this week, they would like to see the info show up later on in the PDF the way it was entered by the clients.


So if they added lets say, 3 more of that instance, they would like to see all of that, show up later on in that PDF (almost like how we can use global fields for example.)


I can sent a file to demonstrate what I'm trying Example_1.jpgto accomplish, i just don't see how i can simply copy/paste (so to speak) the dynamic portion of that table onto a different page.


Do you guys have any idea on how i could do this?


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Hi @patrickpai ,

What I understand from your question is :

You want dynamic table creation in generated PDF based on user input if my understanding is correct then I had used on open library named Itext for pdf creation using this you can easily generate dynamic pdf with html look and feel.

So many other tools are also available for the same purpose.

If I am not correct can you please explain a bit more.


Umesh Thakur 


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Actually, what I'm trying to do is have the user filling in that dynamic table on page one, but then on page, I would need to display that table in a read-only mode so-to-speak.

and right now, its setup to work great, the user can fill the table in the way it needs to be. But what im missing, is a way to show the filled-in table on page 4 of that form in read-only mode.


Is that doable?


Thx again





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Hi Umesh 


what im trying to do is have a user use the dynamic table im created using the instance manager fonction and once filled in, I would like to see the result (in a read-only instance) on page 4 of that PDF. Right now the table with the instance manager works great, so im missing a way now, to re-display that finished table (from a user, on page 1 of the PDF) to show up later on in that same PDF.


Is that doable?




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what im trying to do is have a user fill in a dynamic table using the instance manager and then showing that same table (but filled in this time) later on in that same PDF as a read-only.

Right now it works weel to fill it, but im missing the part where i can show what was done by user, on a different Page in same PDF.


So for example:

on Page 1:

table with dynamic function setup (instance manager)

user fills it.


continues on with the filling of the PDF.


User gets to Page 4:

i want to show a read-only view of that table for him to see what he did and after that, finishes PDF.


Im missing the part for Page 4, how do i recopy that filled in table on that Page 4??