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Need to add custom fields to exportmetadata csv file


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In assets UI we have added few custom columns in list view. when we select on any article and then click on export metadata it will export those columns of that article into csv. so we are not able to get the custom columns added into csv.
Here are the list of columns in list view.




Here are the list of columns in the exported csv



So, its showing only few columns in the exported csv. we want all the custom columns to be added into that csv and also remove unwanted columns while exporting.

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Level 4

@srikanth532 shared images are not showing up properly.

Can you please share below info to better understand the issue - 

1. How are you adding new custom columns in list view

2. AEM Version

3. Are you getting any errors in logs



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1) added columns by overlaying /apps/dam/gui/content/commons/availablecolumns
and added the custom logic to get data dynamically to those columns /apps/dam/gui/coral/components/admin/contentrenderer/row/common/reorder.jsp
2) Currently using 6.5.8, in a week we may upgrade to 6.5.12

3) Nothing from the error logs

The problem here is mainly with the downloaded csv, its not showing up all the columns which i have added, its only showing few of my custom columns.


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@srikanth532  See if you can get the query to fetch the data for exported csv by setting debug level logs. This way, you'll be able to determine if export logic is only fetching the default columns in csv. If this is the case, you will need to customize the export logic as well to suit your needs.