NAS Storage for Multiple Publisher Instances.



We are trying to configure NAS Storage for Multiple Publisher Instances. What we noticed is it is creating UUID file for each instance and the content in datastore is not shared across instances.

Common repository, but each instance have its own data.

Is it possible that they also share same data.

We wanted to use NAS to achive two things:

1. Save space

2. Avoid Data Syncup across Publishers. If one publisher is down and brought backup again after 1/2 days it should have access to updated data without any additional data syncup requirement.

Please advice on how to achieve.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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I would recommend setting up shared datastore between author and publish instance and use binary less replication.

Steps to configure Shared datastore:

– Create the data store configuration file on each instances that is required to share the data store. On each configuration file, we need to point to the same data store.

– You can validate the configuration, looking for a unique file added to the data store by each repository that is sharing it with format repository-[UUID], where the UUID is a unique identifier of each individual repository.

– Also we can change the “Serialization Type” of the “Publish” replication agent from “Default” to “Binary Less” and add an additional argument (binaryless=true) to the replication agent’s “Transport URI”, meaning that the binary itself does not have to be transported across the network, resulting in a faster replication.

More details at [1]