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MySQL connection with AEM - No data source found with name '------'


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I am trying to create MySQL connection from my servlet using Day Commons JDBC connections pool.


1. I created config manually from system/console/configMgr and tested my code. It worked fine. I added a new config from crx/de and both configs worked fine.


2. On another machine, i created the config first through crx/de and got below exception. com.day.commons.datasource.poolservice.DataSourceNotFoundException: No data source found with name 'retail' (after asking 0 providers)

I also tried creating config manually from system/console/configMgr but still the same exception.


What i have observed here is, if on any machine first config is created through system/console/configMgr, everything works fine, but when first config is created through crx/de i got exception.


Tested the same on 4 different machine, connection was successful on 2 as config was created using system/console/configMgr. on the other 2 machine, it keeps on failing as first connection created from crx/de.


Please suggest on the above issue.

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I tried creating the configuration directly through crx/de and it worked fine. I am using AEM 6.5.5.


Please check while you are creating the configuration, if the node is properly created or not. I tried under the path "/apps/system/config" and under the project specific run mode as well.







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Hi Shailesh, 

I see you have created the config as a nt:file. I have created sling:osgiConfig under /apps/myproject/config.




Is it like import com.day.commons.datasource.poolservice.DataSourcePool Reference scans and stores only configs stored as nt:file?


and the strange thing is if i created the config manually from configMgr for a very first time on a machine, DataSourcePool scans and stores every config ( be it manual from configMgr or as osgiConfig in crxde). But if the very first config on a machine is created through crxde, DataSourcePool doesn't show up anything.


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try to restart services after creating repository based config.

Arun Patidar