Migrating From Static Template to Editable Template (AEM 6.3.0 to AEM 6.5)

tushaars9735484 09-01-2020


We are just moving from AEM 6.3.0 to AEM 6.5, I am excited to Learn new challenges.

Problem I am facing is : Suppose we have huge number of pages with static template, now we have to move all the pages to Editable,

Can anyone please suggest me the best approach.


I have gone through the AEM Modernization https://expleague.azureedge.net/labs/aem-intro/index.html and got to know how to create Editable templates and how to apply policies.

But Since we have to move our pages from static to Editable what is the best approach,




@kautuk_sahni @Arun_Patidar 

AEM6.3.0 Editable templates

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