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Migrate AEM datastore to a S3 Bucket (Cloudian)


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Hi Team,


The project I'm working on, there have been lots of discussions to move the AEM 6.5 datastore into a S3 bucket but not for the typical AWS S3, they want to migrate it on Cloudian.


Since there is not an oficial connector from AEM to Cloudian. I'd like to hear from your experience guys if someone has done such migrations using a different technology that's not fully documented from the oficial Adobe documentation. I mean, my team had contacted adobe support to check the viability to do such integration and their response was to check Cloudian APIs to understand more about how compatible and stable this integration might perform as well as to know the potencial risk associated with custom integrations. 


upper-management refuses to follow the best practices that Adobe offers and wanna try to transform the imposible into posible (which might be fine at certain point). Since there is not any AEM Arquitect in the project to evaluate such solution, the guy who is in charge of the project is from another application. He doesn't know how AEM works and he thinks the integration is a peace of cake.

I appreciate any comments from you people :),




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Hi @Luis_Ochoa ,

AEM 6.5 supports storing data in Amazon’s S3, however support is not extended to storing data in other platforms, whose vendors may have their own implementations of Amazon’s S3 APIs. However, if your management is persistent on integrating it with other S3, I'd suggest rather create a POC first. 
You can follow the similar steps of integration while doing it with AWS S3.
Create your custom config to store acesskey , secret key & s3EndPoint. Can follow IAM user authentication or IAM role authentication.

You can try to mimic the most of the steps provided in below 

Hope it helps!