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Metadata update on Brand Portal


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I do have a requirement where users in brand portal can upload the asset in brand portal contribution folder but i don't see the option to update the metadata field on brand Portal.

in our requirement i don't want to give brand portal user access to AEM assets(licensing constraint) so what should be the ideal solution to achieve this?

I don't find any adobe document for this one.


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@DPrakashRaj As mentioned in below link, we can't update Metadata from Brand Portal. 

Schemas are available in BP just to facilitate users to read Asset Metadata which are published from AEM


Metadata is read-only in BP.



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I know that metadata is read only on Brand Portal. I need the opinion from the community advisor if they have suctioned any thing similar in the past.


As in our use case Agency will be uploading the assets on BP and not in AEM so what are the ways we can get the metadata information from them back to AEM as they are not able to edit the metadata in BP.


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Sounds like an offline process to hand over the metadata by the agency to someone who can enter it in AEM after assets from contribution folder are synced back.

Not ideal, however, that what seems to be the workaround.