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Managing Translation Projects by Adobe Docs


After preparing content for translation, you need to complete the language structure by creating missing language copies, and create translation projects.

Translation projects enable you to manage the translation of AEM content. A translation project is a type of AEM project that contains resources that are to be translated into other languages. These resources are the pages and assets of the language copies that are created from the language master.

When resources are added to a translation project, a translation job is created for them. Jobs provide commands and status information that you use to manage the human translation and machine translation workflows that execute on the resources.

Translation projects are long-running items, defined by language and translation method/provider to align with organizational governance for globalization. They should be initiated once, either during initial translation or manually, and remain in effect throughout content and translation update activities.
Translation projects and jobs are created with translation preparation workflows. These workflows have three options, for both initial translation (Create&Translate) and updates (Update Translation):
1. Create new project
2. Add to existing project
3. Content structure only

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Managing Translation Projects


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