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How to Get AEM i18n Dictionary in JSON Format | AEM Community Blog Seeding




How to Get AEM i18n Dictionary in JSON Format by Sourcedcode


AEM i18n dictionary out of the box tools does not offer an elegant way to get the JSON representation of targeted the i18n dictionary. Without out of the box AEM i18n dictionary JSON formatting tools, we first solutionize to what we know the most.

As of AEM developers, we all know that we can trigger the JSON default rendering by appending a .json extension to a request, which triggers the default Sling GET servlet returning application/json. And of course, we all know about using the infinity selector in combination with the .json extension, which recursively returns the entire JCR structure in JSON format. Our first attempt is likely to attempt to get the formatted JSON from .infinity.json.

Illustrated below, on the left hand side you can see a structured AEM i18n dictionary from the out of the box commerce components library (these nodes should exist in a clean installation of AEM 6.4+). On the right hand side, you can see the attempt to get a JSON format of this structure, using the selector, “infinity”, and the extension, “json”, http://localhost:4502/libs/commerce/components/search/i18n.infinity.json.

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How to Get AEM i18n Dictionary in JSON Format


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