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Linking AEM with ATS lever for tracking job applicants


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Hi Team,

We are thinking of using AEM for our CMS platform. We want to know how it is easy to integrate AEM with Lever which is an ATS tool for tracking job applicants. Please share some information on how we can push or post data from AEM tool to Level and how to GET data from Lever to AEM .

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Hi @Ganeshku2 

Pushing Data from AEM to Lever:

Lever provides a REST API that allows you to create and update job postings, candidates, and other entities. You can use AEM's HTTP Client API or a library like Apache HttpClient to make HTTP requests to the Lever API.

In AEM, you can create custom workflows or event listeners to trigger the data push to Lever. For example, when a new job posting is created in AEM, you can configure a workflow to automatically send the job details to Lever via the Lever API.

Pulling Data from Lever to AEM:

Lever also provides a REST API for retrieving data such as job postings, candidates, and applications. You can use AEM's HTTP Client API or a library like Apache HttpClient to make HTTP requests to the Lever API and retrieve the data.

In AEM, you can create custom components or services that fetch data from the Lever API and display it on your AEM pages. For example, you can create a job listing component that fetches the latest job postings from Lever and displays them on your AEM website.


Authentication: You will need to authenticate your requests to the Lever API using API keys or OAuth tokens. Make sure to securely store and manage these credentials in AEM.

Data Mapping: Ensure that you have a clear understanding of the data models and structures used by both AEM and Lever. You may need to map fields and transform data between the two systems.

Error Handling: Implement proper error handling and logging mechanisms to handle any failures or issues during the data exchange process.

Synchronization: Decide on the frequency and mechanism for synchronizing data between AEM and Lever. You may need to schedule periodic updates or implement real-time synchronization based on your requirements.


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Hi @Raja_Reddy ,


Thanks for your email. It correctly explains the process which I had wanted. I would request you to share a similar video or blog which does the similar thing from scratch. It may not be the same ATS tracking application, but the step by step implementation will help me a lot. Thanks a lot for your support. 



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Kautuk Sahni