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Issue with create folder dialog in commerce area


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I have overlaid the create folder dialog to, under a certain path, create a new property for the folder, and have that property's value automatically generated when the folder is created. This was done with a taglib that is called only called under a certain condition (using a granite rendercondition so that this only happens under that path), and it generates a random number that is assigned to that property of the created folder.


This method has worked for the most part, but I have noticed that, if I create two folders in the same location, the taglib is only triggered the first time. If I refresh the page between creating the folders, there is no problem. If I create a folder and then a subfolder, there is no problem. But if I create two folders in the same location, only the first gets that randomly generated number in that property. Does anyone have an idea on what might be the reason for this? Thanks!



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granite rendercondition works on page load, if the page is already loaded and you navigate within older then there will not be any effect.

Arun Patidar


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Hi Arun,


Thank you! I was looking for alternatives, such as the one you suggested here:



Do you think this approach would be preferable or would there be a way to leverage the taglib that we are using, ensuring it is triggered every time we open the create folder dialog (even without refreshing the page)?