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Is it possible to send a particular launch page to a workflow so that it connects to an external URL?


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We wondered if its possible to start a workflow on a launch page itself to send this page to an external URL for business sign off.  After business sign off workflow can be approved and launch promoted back to source.  Is there an out of the box workflow we can connect to this use case?




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I don't think so this will work because page preview will not work until the user is not logged in.

I am not sure about the business requirement here but if you want to send data, you can write a custom workflow to send data from lanch page and once approved, add a process step to promote launch using API


Arun Patidar


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Hi Arun, 


Thanks for reply.


Im going by the out of the box "launch review" workflow in AEM. 


Steps so far are:

Open launch page. 

Start workflow from within the page notifications icon

Choose "launch review" workflow, press start.  At this point we can connect the workflow to a separate URL for business sign off.   Not the page preview one as we need external users to view. 

For approval, open launch page, complete the workflow, approve.  

End workflow. 


Questions, when promoting launches how do we set up the feature to promote only approved launches?

After the workflow is approved, there is no timeline on launch pages so how do we know the workflow is approved and launch is ready to promote? 


Is there any set Adobe guide of how to set up this launch review workflow? 






Thank you!



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@arunpatidar  Hi Arun, not sure if you saw this message?



Key key 


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Hi @key-key 

This workflow can be changed by overriding, or a new workflow can be created with limited options.

About the other settings, I am not sure, I am not able to find documents as well.

Arun Patidar