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Is it possible to create component specific clientlibs in AEM6.5 Webpack?


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I am using AEM 6.5 ui.frontend webpack. Here if I compile scss to css it will complie in clientlibs-site/site.css. But I want component scss files to compile at the component level, I don't one one css file for all the components. Is this possible in Webpack? If yes, then how I can configure this.

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Yes, it is possible to create a separate component-specific clientlib folder using ui.frontend module.


Create separate <component-name>clientlib.config.js

and set the clientlib path as follows

const CLIENTLIB_DIR = path.join(

also, you need o update the respective module's configuration in the as same as clientlib.config.js file.




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Hi @Suraj_Kamdi 


But this solution will work only for one or few components. If I have more than 15 components then I have to manually write the config. Is this any way it will automatically pick the sass component files and compile in component client-libs.