IParsys issue



Hi All,

In our project, we're seeing an issue with iParys. The component is available on both Dev1 and Dev3 environment. On Dev3 , I'm able to edit the iParsys on all parent and  child pages but on Dev1 I am unable to edit even though same set of permission is there in both the environments.

When I inspect on iParsys, in markup I could see the class "is-disabled" is there on Dev1 environment page but on Dev3, on both parent and child pages . Code wise everything is same on both environments and no difference at all. and used ootb   resourceType='wcm/foundation/components/iparsys' .

And can edit all the Parsys on the page . I can be able to perform all actions (add ,del,copy) on both Dev’s. Only issue is with the Iparsys container. What could possibly be wrong? If it's the issue with permission then how can I figure out? Cos' I've already created permission package from UAT and deployed on INT. Still the issue persists .

Thanks in advance.@







Also - can you please explain what you are trying to accomplish with IParsy. If using AEM 6.3/6.4 and you want to control components - lock some, control which components an author can use, etc - look at using editable templates - which are much better then using IParsy.

Read this that explains the benefits of IPARSY: Centralizing configuration data using an Inherited Paragraph System

All of this can now be accomplished via editable templates and policies. Once you move to 6.3/6.4 - use editable templates over IPARSY.