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Introducing AEM Vite by Chris Shaw


My first post, how exciting!

I'm Chris and my main "title" is a Senior Front End Developer for Isobar Australia in Melbourne but I'm also an aspiring AEM developer.

Since my first encounter with AEM (Adobe Experience Manager), I have always been frustrated to a certain degree with the lack of modern integration points for front end developers.

Within Isobar I have been working on a project that we call Compose which aimed to bring webpack to our clients, but without needing to invest heaps of development time.

A problem
Development time was still required... 

The unfortunate reality of webpack is as you go through time updates get more frequent and harder to keep up with and this became especially true when webpack 5 joined in on the fun.

Providing a technology platform that front end developers can just git clone and use is difficult and requires a number of additional plugins which comes at a high tech debt cost which clients is hard to sell to clients.

The solution
Use something that isn't webpack but provides modern capability!?

An obvious choice would have been snowpack but I'm not familiar enough with it.

Lucky for me Even You announced Vite back in February.

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Introducing AEM Vite


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