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i am new in making PDFs. I already made a lot with the help of Google.

I saw that my PDF can use extern DataBases like Excel, SQL or the Internet.

My Question:

Is there any possibility to have a DataBase inside of my PDF? like a recourse intigrated.

I don't want that my PDF needs any connection.

At the moment i have my Datas in an Excel Sheet. (255 Positions with four values for each position) (17kb)

Thats not a big Database. I don't have to change my Database (the Datas are fix, never coming new ones). (Just one time per year chaning some values)

But I can create the PFD new each year. Or I will find out how to change it. But I don't have any idea what I have to search for. And if it's possible.

Thanks for your help.

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I don't think that a database inside a PDF a very good idea. With a large number of data, you might have a performance issue when opening a PDF client-side. In a case you just need to copy a table from an Excel file, you need a PDF editor, like an Acrobat. It can edit tables.


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Hey berliant,

thanks for your reply. I don't have large number of datas. So i will give it a try. I hoped there is a more professional way to store some Datas. But I will use the table then. I can copy the Excel table inside my PFD Form. There is a nice fix table then. But today I tried to fill a dynamic table with some datas out of an txt (seperated with tabulator) file with importTextData(). But I even can't get two strings in two text fields.

I named the text fields like the columns and also the caption and the rawValue i did set to that. Still it wasn't working.

Do you know what i am doing wrong? How I have to do it? Or any nice tutorial about it? video?