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Images not being loaded on AEM as a Cloud Service


Level 5

There is a problem in the rendering of the images on the author instance of my AEM as a Cloud Service. It shows as following on all the pages of every project that is available on it: Screenshot from 2022-05-17 10-30-09.png

Whereas the images used for content fragment are rendered properly. 

As well as in publish instance, there is no problem with the images.

For author, it shows the following error:Screenshot from 2022-05-17 10-38-06.pngIs there a way to resolve this issue?

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Level 4

Could you please check your dam and image path ? is image is available there 


Community Advisor

Is this your localhost?

Kindly share the error log.

Himanshu Jain


Community Advisor


Can you check the policy of image component? do you have quality set there?

Arun Patidar


Level 1

Is this issue is resolved if how any one please let us know