Images from Hybris not visible in sites




I'm working on AEM - Hybris connector for my custom project, the catalog import is working fine. All the product data is available in etc/commerce/products/paintshop

Images are also available in content/dam/paintshop

The issue I'm facing is that images are not available when I use product component in any page. This issue only occurs when I try to reference images which are imported from Hybris. If I upload images to Assets manually and then reference them in my product component they work just fine.

I've found some differences in the nodes for these images (attached below)


Outdoors - Product Image.PNG


Paintshop - Product Image.PNG

According to my observation I need to convert these images to jpg/png format in AEM, but how can I achieve that? And does Geometrixx-Outdoors upload images through package or they are imported through catalog importer? As the Outdoors images are visible in Outdoors' sites.

Can someone guide me what actually the problem is?