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I am new, please help. Trying to create a button that allows me to add or remove rows.


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Hello there, 


I am completely new to this. Hopefully someone can assist me.  I am new to all the lingo for Adobe as well.


Here is the point by point.

  1. I was given a form as a sample to refer to. I am creating a new form. 
  2. I have Adobe Acrobat Pro 2017. I tried to figure it out by editing the sample form given to me, but it said it has livecycle designer which is no longer. I know there is something called experience manager. So I was wondering, will Experience manager work? or will another adobe product work? I am not getting a clear simple answer from folks on my searches so any detailed answer will be appreciated
  3. The form must be able to have a button that adds a row and removes any added rows. 
  4. So when I click the add row button the row above it will populate with the yes and no that would have radio buttons to select. 


I truly appreciate all the assistance on this and/or all the steps
So my question is what program in Adobe allows this to happen? looks like Adobe Acrobat Pro 2017 isn't the program for it......

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@pinklet This forum is used for AEM sites, looks like this question is related to Adobe Acrobat Pro. AEM sites is more like a CMS to build sites rather than just forms. 

Quick overview video about AEM for ref. sites: https://business.adobe.com/products/experience-manager/sites/aem-sites.html#overview