How were Experience Fragment language masters intended to be used?



I've seen experience fragments structured with language masters in a couple of places. One would be the documentation here:

In Sites, I can create live copies of my language masters; I don't see that as an option for XFs. One poster on stack overflow suggests that this is not possible:

I haven't checked, but I suspect that the folder data type excludes the properties required to track live copies. Is there really no means to sync an XF to a language master?

Current best practice is to use XFs to normalize site headers and footers. The core XF component assumes page and XF structure mirror each other in order to perform localization, which means I've got at least two footer XFs per language (example: German language master, German in my regional Germany site, German in my regional Swiss site, etc) and no automated way to keep them in sync.

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Well, it's possible to create Live Copies for XF but it's possible to track it via Blueprint. The content sync feature applies b/w XF and it's live copies as well. 

Screenshot 2020-06-25 at 15.07.52.png

And, of course, you got the part right about using it as header/footer for best practices. So, you can create the master copy for XF and create live copies for languages accordingly and keep it in Sync.  

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Hello John,

You can create a variation of XF as a live copy and can keep these variations in sync with the use of Live Copy. See for more details.




Unfortunately, this doesn't put them in the correct place for the core experience fragment component to localize them. As per the documentation I referenced, the XF MSM structure must mirror the Sites MSM structure.

The XF MSM structure must mirror the Sites MSM structure - you're right about it. Instead of maintaining 2 XF for German, you can create master German XF and using which create 2 variations (1 for regional and another for Swiss) to have it maintained live copies. 

Still no - you can create the variation as live copy, but it won't be where it needs to be for the core XF component will look for it. You need:

  • /content/experience-fragments/xxx/language-masters/fr/footer/master
  • /content/experience-fragments/xxx/ca/fr/footer/master (which is the live copy)
  • /content/experience-fragments/xxx/fr/fr/footer/master (which is another live copy)


  • /content/experience-fragments/xxx/language-masters/footer/master
  • /content/experience-fragments/xxx/language-masters/footer/fr_ca (??)
  • /content/experience-fragments/xxx/language-masters/footer/fr (??)

They aren't even in the same folder.

If you check the localization code in the component, you'll see it doesn't do anything fancy with variations to find the localized version of the XF - it's all just path manipulation. Which is why the docs say that the two structures need to mirror each other.

You're right. The later one will apply when you'll the same structure in site as well which is not possible because sites are divided based on countries-languages. So, yes, you'll have to maintained 2 copies here.