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How to verify programmatically an asset has been published to Brand Portal


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We are using AEMaaCS Author. Is there a way to programmatically check/verify if an asset has already been published to Brand Portal from Author instance? I wasn't able to find a metadata property on the asset node that confirms that. There is dam:portalReplicationAction which same asset have set to "ActivateQueued" but I don't see it on all assets that have been published to our Brand Portal.


Before a process of moving an asset we need to verify if it is already on the Brand Portal and if so republish it after the move.


Can you please help with finding a way to determine that?


Thank you!

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You can use query to get the list of all the assets from your folder where dam:portalReplicationAction property is set .

Himanshu Jain


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Hi Himanshu,


I saw assets which were already on the brand portal but did not have dam:portalReplicationAction set. That's what's giving me trouble.




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Hello ,

There is separate property on asset jcr content node telling published to media portal. Please check that.