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How to track download content


Level 6

I have a requirement where I need to track the event of mostly downloaded pdfs/zip file from AEM. So for that I was thinking about two ways -

1) Use Adobe analytics and track the download event. After I will write a component in AEM to query Adobe analytic to give the result. But I could not find document on how to query analytics data from AEM. 

2) Use tracker.js. But when I hit this url then this url http://localhost:4502/libs/wcm/stats/tracker.js?path=/content/dam/geometrixx/documents/GeoCube_Datas... then it says "impression added" but there is no way to see impression in console. Where I can see the impression? Is tracker.js only for page tracking?

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Level 10

Hi There,

Thanks for reaching out to Adobe Community.

Please follow the below article about enabling tracking in AEM thru Reports and Analytics.




Level 6


I know how to track different events in Adobe Analytics and see the report but my question was different. I want to know how to write fetch data from Adobe Analytics programetically.