How to stop running index like "/oak:index/cqTagLucene" in AEM



How to kill or stop running  OOTB index .  Actually , i want to add excludepaths then reindex again that will be quick for us .

Somehow this index has been re-trigger and running from 4 days (our system has millions of assets with .pdf files thats taking time). if we could exclude path and re-index again that will be solve our problem .


Mukesh Jha





Yes , i read that docs .

i have followed below steps for abort index .

1. To identify the appropriate lane and thus the IndexStats MBean instance, look at the Oak Indexes "async" property. The "async" property will contain the lane name: async, async-reindex, or fulltext-async.

2.Invoke the abortAndPause() command on the appropriate IndexStats MBean.

3.When re-indexing an existing index, set the reindex property to false

  • /oak:index/someExistingIndex@reindex=false

4.Commit the changes to the repository when complete.

5. Finally, resume asychronous indexing on the aborted indexing lane.

  • In the IndexStats MBean that issued the abortAndPause() command in Step 2, invoke the resume() command.