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How to stop overriding the content in translation using language copy in AEM 6.5?


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Description -

We are using the language copy for translation from English to Spanish. We updated the "translation-rules.xml" file to accept and ignore the translation of specific properties.

However, if we ignore the translation for a specific property, it would just override it with the English property. We need a way to stop overriding these properties so that it doesn't translate them and also, not override them with English. How can we achieve it?

Why is this feature important to you -

Important business use case

How would you like the feature to work - It should have an option to not override the content.

Current Behaviour - It does the translation but overrides the content in language copy if we ignore the translation for the specific content.


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Hi @esu2805 

Please post your questions in the Questions section of the AEM community. This section is only for feature requests for the product.



Moved this from Ideas to AEM Questions. 

Kautuk Sahni


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@esu2805  Not possible with AEM language copy feature it is just a copy of the page in language master, we dont have any configurations to exclude specific properties from it.


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Thanks, @Shashi_Mulugu! So lets says if the English page has a vanity URL set up from the Page properties, it will be applicable for the Spanish language copy too unless we modify it manually while translation?